Instrumentation, measurement, control and automation (ICA)/Precision engineering

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"Automation is a way of making things easy." (Andy Warhol)

For us, the rapid technological development of automation technology and its strong integration with information and communication technologies is a challenge we successfully take up every day. The outcome are highly sophisticated automated systems that offer our customers superb solutions in terms of ease of use, reliability or efficiency. Here, our efforts are always directed towards efficient implementation within the agreed time and budget.

Consultancy and drafting of concepts

We will support you and advise you in all stages of your project, as well as how to make best use of sophisticated automation technology with a view to optimizing your processes and make them even more efficient. We will lay the foundation for the safety and efficiency of the plant or systems engineered by us for your benefit. Here, we mainly develop concepts for electrical or control systems for electricity or gas.

ICA and control engineering

New terms of reference or legislation, safety aspects or explosion-prone environments will put new demands on facility operators and installation contractors time and time again, demands that will be taken into consideration and implemented by us in the stage of ICA engineering. Here, another aspect is the increasing transition of unmanned operations, with BuB functions from central control rooms.

In addition to the common Office standard programs, we mainly use the AutoCAD tools of Corel DESIGNER or Microsoft Office Visio.

On top of that, we have specialized in communication technology custom solutions and the integration of systems for the generation or processing of renewable energies. We will also advise you regarding the optimization or protection of your systems. Another special subject of ours includes our support in relation to the design or engineering of management systems for energy transportation grids. Our solutions facilitate continuous monitoring of the various stations and remote control of the system from a central control room.


Our main services at a glance:

  • to perform studies (such as feasibility studies or profitability calculations)
  • to perform process analyses with a view to implement process requirements
  • to develop concepts
  • to estimate investment costs

  • to perform the basic or detail engineering in the fields of automation, measurement and control technologies, such as:
  • process control systems / SCADA
  • automation systems
  • safety-related control systems
  • station technology, precision engineering
  • flow metering systems or analytical engineering
  • controllers and actuators
  • instrumentation


  • to prepare detailed tender documents in special fields, such as:
  • protection of property systems (burglar alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, exterior perimeter protection systems)
  • gas detector systems
  • fire detection systems
  • cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • to prepare function-related documentations for the detailed logic process control systems based on the logiDOC software package
  • to prepare risk analyses with a view to determine safety classes according to DIN EN 61511 or VDI/VDE 2180 respectively

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