Construction engineering

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In this field of engineering, we offer customer-oriented engineering services at a high technical level.
We look back on many years of engineering activity in building or industrial construction including architectural design, engineering structures, supply or disposal systems, traffic systems or outdoor installations or plant, as well as structural designs for process plant or installations, electrical engineering or automation.


Our competence in this specific field is reflected, among others, in the performance of the following detail services:

  • feasibility studies, analysis of local conditions, preliminary studies, base estimates, design concepts
  • preliminary design/design documentation (viz. i.e. building or space concepts)
  • general arrangement plans (overall responsibility for the planning of buildings, physical structures or infrastructure systems)

  • dealing with competent authorities/planning permission
  • structural design and planning (analysis) and thermal structural physics (thermal insulation and protection against moisture or condensate)
  • coordination of surveying services such as soil investigations, noise or fire precautionary opinions or official surveys or surveys made during construction
  • planning of building services (heating, refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing or sprinkler systems as well as electrical installations)

PLE is a member of the Baukammer Berlin (Berlin Chamber of Construction) and authorized to present building documents.

We prepare documents for planning permission purposes in the 2D or 3D format respectively.

We also use customized programs for the preparation of tender documents or accounting documents (such as ORCA AVA).

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