Construction management/supervision

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Construction management/supervision will be exclusively provided by experienced and especially trained engineers who will have the knowledge and engineering competence to make decisions on the construction site independently as and when required.

Depending on the type of contract awarded, construction management/supervision will be provided in the format of construction management or through supporting supervision or job-site management.

For purposes of construction management / supervision, the following activities will be generally performed:

  • to act as a representative of the principal in relation to the organization or coordination of the construction site, as well as to coordinate all contractors involved in the construction project
  • to deal or negotiate with public authorities, public agencies, managers or owners
  • to supervise compliance with all terms of reference derived from planning or engineering (such as quality requirements, restrictions o requirements imposed by public authorities, dates or budget requirements)
  • to report, to measure, and to review the documentation
  • to provide residual material acquisition or material recirculation
  • to perform function controls or functional checks, and to provide assistance for start-ups
  • to supervise compliance with all terms of reference according to HSE
  • to coordinate aspects of health and safety protection during performance
Furthermore, the construction managers or job-site managers will be involved in the following activities during the preparation or construction of pipelines, supply mains or systems:

  • to explore or secure appropriate warehousing or storage space
  • to inspect, accept or hand over punch list items done
  • to draft start-up manuals
  • to draft operation manuals
  • to track the progress in all processes for the procurement of physical securities or compliance with requirements stipulated by competent authorities

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