Installation engineering

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Our planning engineers in the field of installation engineering offer a whole variety of services for traditional customer-oriented engineering at a high technical level. They are available for planning or coordinating services in the stages of Front End Engineering Design (FEED)/Basic Engineering or Detail Engineering (mainly for complete plant or partial systems or installations in the field of natural gas supply or associated process components or station piping).

Our planning engineers are supported by our CAD design draughting team. This is where planning efforts and representation are turned into 2D designs as required by our customers, or into database-coupled 3D models or mockups.

Our team of experts will plan and design, review, inspect and provide support for complete or partial systems or installations (through acceptance inspection or documentation) in the field of gas supply systems, for any pressure stage or nominal diameter.

Typical systems or installations include:
Gas pressure regulating stations and measurement systems, compression plant, topside plant from gas storage systems, gas drying plant, filtration plant, biogas plant, methanol plant or odorizing systems, heating plant or systems, blow-off systems / flare systems, related station piping or interconnections with the conveyor pipeline, as well as demolition or renaturation work respectively.