Mechanical engineering

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Engineers with a profound background in machine engineering and relevant experience will maintain communication between the customer and machine suppliers.
The machine line will be selected for best engineering or economic results based on the customer’s requirements and objectives.
The best pressure boosting method and associated efficient drive system will be determined based on proposed requirements and objectives.

In most instances, the following pressure boosting systems are considered, compared or selected for gas applications:


  • piston-type compressors
  • turbo compressors

The above types of compressors will be attuned to the following drive systems:

  • electrical drives (conventional or high-speed)
  • gas turbines
  • gas engines

The above considerations for selection are purposefully made before the basic engineering planning stage.


These considerations may entail the following outcomes:

  • to perform process analyses of existing plant or systems
  • to optimize the existing machinery
  • to perform economic studies or profitability calculations
  • to draft concepts
  • to perform studies for the selection of equipment

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