System and installation construction

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The planning engineers of the pipeline engineering department are very experienced and have a comprehensive engineering competence when it comes to consultancy, routing layout or engineering services generally required to construct transregional or inner-city supply pipelines.

Especially when it comes to natural gas pipelines, PLE Pipeline Engineering GmbH can boast of having successfully handled a large number of large projects with design pressures of up to 100 bar and nominal diameters up to 44 inch.

Furthermore, our scope of services includes the preparation of planning solutions for problems in connection with other gaseous or fluid media, using the most varied pipeline materials such as steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) or HDPE.

Appropriate approaches to solutions will be prepared based on the technical and economic terms of reference specified by the customer, and with due consideration to safety or approval concerns.

This process mainly applies to the planning stages of base estimates as well as planning permission or detailed design and construction documentation respectively.

Regardless of whether the project is new construction work or rehabilitation, special attention will always be paid to optimizing the interaction between engineering, commercial or environmental factors when planning specifications are about to be implemented.


Furthermore, we offer the following major services for pipeline engineering:

  • feasibility or routing studies
  • profitability calculations or risk analyses
  • environmental impact assessments
  • coordination of surveyors, consultants or experts
  • pipework calculations
  • approval or licensing procedures (according to ROV, PFV, the German mining law or GasHDrLtgV or similar)
  • interchanges or special structures in pipeline engineering
  • coordination of health and safety protection in the planning stage
Furthermore, our sectoral planning engineers are involved in the following activities during the preparation or construction of pipelines or supply networks:

  • to provide engineering services during construction
  • to prepare the start-up documentation
  • to prepare operation manuals
  • to perform final inspections to complete the processes for the provision of physical safeguarding

We use general recognized programs for pipeline engineering considerations, such as:

  • Geograph
  • Stanet®
  • DIMy

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