Renewable energies

    PLE has specialized on the full range of engineering services for the conditioning or feeding of bio-methane into the conveyor pipeline systems of regional or supraregional gas supply companies. In addition to engineering, this also includes the services of construction supervision, commissioning and documentation.

    The bio raw gas produced from renewable resources in a fermentation plant will be subjected to methane enrichment, H2S removal and drying using appropriate processes in a downstream treatment plant.

    After that, the bio-methane will be adjusted to the grid parameters (viz. i.e. pressure, caloric value), and conditioned as and if required in the feeding station such that it can be mixed into natural gases of different origins (viz. i.e. high caloric gas, low caloric gas). Here, the quality terms of reference according to DVGW G 260 or G 262 must be accomplished in the process.

    The gas treated as described, will then be delivered to the supply company via settlement measurement and pressure relief systems.