Integrated management system

Quality management

Quality management

PLE has established a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

The project flow, with its various stages of preparation with the offer, up to the start-up or commissioning, is subjected to tight in-house quality-oriented methods and procedures.

Quality management will guarantee that the engineering services be rendered in conformity with the contract, and represented towards the principal in a transparent format. Labor organization will include the following major processes in the following chronological order:

  • to prepare the offer
  • to register the purchase order
  • to design and plan the project
  • to execute the project
  • to perform construction supervision
  • to do the start-up and performance inspection
  • to prepare the project documentation

These processes for job handling are subjected to defined test or approval procedures with a view to verifying the various stages of the Project. It will thus be possible to provide the principal with a flawless project documentation.

SGU management

EHS management system

PLE has established a EHS management system.
This was certified according to the SCC** regulations in July, 2003. This set of regulations combines relevant requirements from the fields of industrial health and safety, and environmental protection. On-going further education for our employees is a high priority here at PLE.

Health and safety protection coordinators are trained according to the German ordinance governing health and safety protection on construction sites (Verordnung über Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz auf Baustellen, also referred to as Baustellenverordnung) will make sure that the principles of health and safety protection will be duly observed and complied with in the engineering or performance of construction activities.

Quality audits with subcontractors or suppliers

Audits which are conducted on subcontractors or suppliers will focus on aspects such as qualification or eligibility for the job on hand, required quality characteristics or the capacity utilization rate of the respective contractor, including on-site visits on site during the project where appropriate.

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