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2011 - 2016 Connecting Pipeline UGS Katharina - JAGAL (FGL 910)

Planning and implementation purpose of the project was a connecting pipeline for the direct transport of natural gas between the underground cavern storage "UGS Katharina" near Bernburg, in Saxony Anhalt and the natural gas transport system JAGAL of GASCADE Gastransport GmbH. The components of the 37 km long pipeline include a pigging and valve station, two valve stations as well as a transfer station.

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2006 - 2009 Long-distance gas pipeline MIDAL - Lohfelden

To enhance the security of supply in the region of North Hessen and to connect a newly built combined gas and steam turbine generating plant, Gas-Union GmbH has built a long-distance gas pipeline between Baunatal-Großenritte and Lohfelden near Kassel. This long-distance gas pipeline has been connected to the existing MIDAL pipeline of WINGAS TRANSPORT GmbH & Co. KG via a gas transfer pressure control and measuring station, which has also been newly installed. An optical fiber cable was laid in the same pipe trench for purposes of internal communication.

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2002 - 2005 Long-distance gas pipeline No. 227 Pritzwalk - Perleberg

Due to changed conditions in the conveying and distribution system in the north of the sales territory of the principal, this project is intended to stabilize the grid in the region of Pritzwalk and Quitzow. This natural gas pipeline essentially runs parallel to an existing natural gas pipeline. The intention is to lay two empty conduits in the pipe trench of the FGL 227 long-distance gas line. Two natural springs, located in a habitat, were to be crossed by means of a controllable horizontal jet driving drilling process (HDD).

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1999 - 2004 Long-distance gas pipeline No. 306 Kienbaum - Börnicke

With the construction of the natural gas pipeline Kienbaum – Börnicke, a connection to a supply point for Russian natural gas was made in Kienbaum, and a connection to the existing conveyor system up to the feeding points for Norwegian natural gas, was made at the German North Sea coast. Thus, this pipeline will provide a powerful connection between the supply points for Norwegian and Russian natural gas. At the same time, this new pipeline will make an essential contribution to stabilize the natural gas supply to the Berlin metropolitan area and in the German states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the long run.

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