Our employees

    Highly qualified and motivated employees with many years experience will guarantee on-going improvement with a view to achieving high levels of quality and customer satisfaction, making use of latest technology and customized software.

    Such high levels of quality or customer satisfaction, existing know-how or good cost-benefit ratios will be the prerequisites for the success of our organization in the long run.

    Today, our headcount is more then 100 (including engineers, engineering staff, and commercial clerks). Here, we always try to maintain a balance between troupers and newcomers.

    Technical equipment

    Our organization is well equipped with sophisticated computer or communications equipment.

    The In addition to the standard MS-Office programs, we use various customized programs for our engineering services.
    High-performance CAD programs including 3D design programs are available for more complex design or drafting jobs.

    Furthermore, we would use programs for the generation of general layout maps or route maps, to compute or dimension pipeline networks, to compute the physical values of natural gases, to generate logic diagrams for industrial plant engineering, to compute cables or dimension electrical networks, or similar.

    In addition, all our employees can access a technical rulebook containing current applicable rules and regulations.