We offer the following range of services for the above production range:

PLEcon Scope of services Coordination of safety or health Construction management/supervision Procurement Commissioning Customer advisory services/consultations Project management Engineering services Documentation Calls for tenders/procurement and award of contracts Approval or licensing procedures/construction documentation and detailed design Preliminary planning/FEED and design documentation Studies

  • Customer advisory services/consultations
    Variations, alternative solutions or proposals for economic uses of energy, to prepare inventory documents, basic data or energy requirements, customer advisory services
  • Engineering services
  • Studies
    Technical or economic feasibility or funding of projects, risk or environmental compatibility analyses, to prepare or assess alternative solutions
  • Preliminary planning/FEED and design documentation
    Overall cost estimate, scheduling, financial budgeting, financial scheduling, terms of contract, negotiations with the approval authorities, dimensioning of main equipment items, project logistics, quality assurance, calculations, specifications, determination of quantities, drawings and related documents, and site plans
  • Approval or licensing procedures/construction documentation and detailed design
    To prepare the submission documents for regional planning or planning permission procedures as well as licensing procedures according to mining law of the German Federal Control of Pollution Act or assistance in relation to said procedures
    To prepare or draft the planning documents, to complete or adjust the planning documents (according to requirements by the approving authorities), to make calculations, to prepare any kind of technical drawings, to design components, to acquire titles, to procure physical securities, rights of way, and to deal with the competent authorities. To review or approve the working drawings or calculation notes of subcontractors or suppliers
  • Calls for tenders/procurement and award of contracts
    To prepare tender documents including specifications or terms of contract, to obtain or assess tenders, to prepare standard prices, to make recommendations based on the functional or technical feasibility, to prepare the contract documents, and to support the customer in the award negotiations
  • Documentation
    To review, release or compile the inventory documents, and to prepare operation manuals
  • Project management
    Project organization or control, to define the project activities, to prepare the quality assurance approach, reporting system, to track or update organization charts or network plans, financial planning requirements, cost controlling, and progress control or expediting
  • Procurement
    To procure any required supplies or services on behalf of and by order, the respective client or owner, starting with the drafting of a procurement concept in relation to the management or support of the procurement process, via the calls for tenders, analysis and evaluation of tenders, contract negotiations, expediting, accounting control and up to the approval of invoices, including any transactions or processes that are subject to EU law
  • Construction management/supervision
    To manage, organize or supervise all construction or installation processes, to coordinate activities between freeholders, leaseholders, the communities, competent authorities, construction or installation contractors, between suppliers and the principal, to review budget standards or invoices, to perform the job-site logistics, to receive deliveries, and to perform acceptance inspections on goods or services respectively, all while strictly observing any requirements for quality assurance, proper use of appropriate materials, acquisition of defects or deficiencies
  • Coordination of health and safety
    To perform the coordination of health and safety protection in compliance with the German regulations in relation to health and safety protection on construction sites, viz. the German Construction Site Ordinance
  • Commissioning
    To coordinate and supervise the commissioning or start-up or testing or inspection processes and train the operating personnel
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