Special Services

Construction supervision, safety and health coordination, commissioning

Our range of tasks is topped off with the following engineering services:

Construction Supervision

  • Management, organisation and supervision of the entire construction process
  • Coordination between landowners, tenants, municipalities, authorities, construction and installation companies, as well as between the suppliers and the client
  • Control of budgets and invoices
  • Carrying out construction site logistics
  • Acceptance of the deliveries and services in strict accordance with quality assurance and professional use of materials
  • Pedological construction support

Safety and Health Coordination

Carrying out safety and health protection coordination on behalf of the client in accordance with the ordinance on safety and health protection on construction sites (construction site ordinance)



Coordination and monitoring of commissioning, functional control as well as training of operating personnel


Project Management

  • Setting up a project organisation and carrying out the project control
  • Preparation of the project manual
  • Preparation of a quality assurance concept
  • Specifying the reporting system
  • Updating of organisational charts and network plans and of financial requirement planning
  • Carrying out cost and schedule controlling

Document Management

Management of all documents during all project phases based on co-ordinated document lists


Procurement Management

Procurement of all necessary supplies and services on our own behalf or on behalf of the client:

  • Preparation of procurement concepts
  • Invitation to tender, evaluation of offers, contract negotiations, drafting of contracts
  • Procurement according to European public procurement law
  • Expediting
  • Invoice verification up to invoice approval