Electrical Power Engineering

Engineering, concept development, calculation

The demand for electrical energy has risen sharply in recent decades and this upward trend remains unbroken. Most of this electrical energy is generated in power plants and then converted into useful energy in the form of electricity, light or heat etc. Electrical processes in power engineering are therefore becoming increasingly important. Our area of responsibility comprises:

  • Conducting studies (e.g. feasibility studies, profitability calculations)
  • Carrying out process engineering analyses for the implementation of process engineering requirements
  • Conducting technical discussions with the energy supply companies in order to secure the required energy supply
  • Concept development
  • Investment cost determination
  • Basic and Detail Engineering of power engineering areas of high, medium and low voltage technology
  • Basic and Detail Engineering of lightning protection and earthing systems
  • Basic and Detail Engineering of systems for uninterruptible power supply and emergency standby power systems