Constructional Engineering

Analyses of local conditions, design and general planning, authority engineering

PLE is characterised by many years of experience and a high technical expertise in the planning of structural and civil engineering of industrial buildings with architectural requirements, of engineering structures, supply and disposal facilities, traffic and open-air facilities as well as structural designs for process engineering plants, electrical engineering and automation.

PLE is a member of Baukammer Berlin and Ingenieurkammer Sachsen and is therefore authorised to submit building documents.

Our competence in this special area is reflected, among other things, in the provision of the following detailed services:

  • Feasibility studies, location analyses, preliminary investigations, basic investigation, design concepts
  • Preliminary design/draft planning (here: building and room concept)
  • Implementation planning (calculations and dimensioning)
  • Authority engineering/approval planning
  • Structural design (statics) and thermal building physics (heat and condensate moisture protection)
  • Coordination of expert services such as ground investigations, noise and fire protection reports and of official and construction-related surveys
  • Planning of the technical building equipment (heating, refrigeration technology, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and sprinkler systems as well as electrical engineering)