Approval Procedures

Structuring, dimensioning, coordination with authorities

The planning and construction of plants and pipelines involves numerous and extensive legal procedures and coordinations. Based on our many years of experience, we undertake all the necessary tasks here.

Approval planning for plant construction

  • Approval procedures, among others, according to mining law and the Federal Control of Pollution Act
  • Coordination/negotiation with the approval authorities
  • Preparation and compilation of documents for the necessary public law procedures or approval procedures, including applications for exceptions and exemptions
  • Participation in approval procedures

Approval planning for pipeline construction

  • Preparation of the application for regional planning procedure and special approval procedures (plan approval procedure, plan waiver procedure and approval of plans)
  • Project support during the procedures until a decision has been made by the authorities

Acquisition of the necessary pipeline and plant rights (acquisition of rights)

  • Identification of the plots and preparation of properties’ lists
  • Updating of existing and obtaining necessary rights in rem