ICA and Automation Technology

Process engineering analyses, Basic and Detail Engineering, hazard analyses

The rapid technological development of automation technology as well as its strong fusion with information and communication technology is a challenge for us that we successfully meet every day. The result of this are automated systems that are always state-of-the-art and offer our customers excellent solutions in terms of ease of use, reliability and cost-efficiency. Our aim is an effective, timely implementation within the given cost budget.

We are specialised in ICA and automation technology for compressor systems, aboveground facilities for natural gas storage, gas pressure regulating and metering stations, biogas infeed plants, congeneration plants, power and data networks:

  • Conducting studies (e.g. feasibility studies, profitability calculations)
  • Carrying out process engineering analyses for the implementation of process engineering requirements
  • Concept development
  • Investment cost determination
  • Basic and Detail Engineering in the fields of automation and ICA technology, such as process control systems/SCADA, automation systems, quantity measurement systems and analysis technology etc.
  • Preparation of detailed tender documents in special areas such as object protection systems, gas detection systems, fire alarm systems, cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Preparation of hazard analyses to determine the safety categories according to DIN EN 61511 or VDI/VDE 218