Replacement of Station Groß Köris I

PLE takes over the general planning for the replacement of the gas pressure regulating and measuring station Groß Köris I.

There are currently two gas pressure regulating and measuring stations at the ONTRAS location in Groß Köris (GDRMA Groß Köris I and II). As a replacement investment for the worn out Groß Köris I regulating and measuring station, a new one shall be carried out on site. It will consist of three measuring and control rails (pressure stage DP 100) with a total throughput capacity of 1.2 million Nm³/h.

Although for the moment the new station is planned for operation with natural gas, it takes into account a later conversion of operation to hydrogen when selecting the system components and materials.

This project will also focus on energy efficiency as a basis for implementing ONTRAS's sustainability strategy. Our engineering standards within the energy transition process are based on three clear premises in the planning process:

•    The energy consumption of the system must be minimised over the entire life cycle.
•    Non-renewable energy sources must be replaced by renewable energy sources.
•    Our efforts are aimed at the production and use of renewable energies.

Thus, e.g. the integration of solar thermal energy to generate the required preheating power is part of the plant concept.
PLE is responsible for the general planning of all HOAI phases. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2026.